Moment: Phoebe, Trixie, and blue dirndls

            “This is going to cost me, isn’t it?”
“When one constantly wants custom outfits from one’s sister, one must occasionally make sacrifices.”
                Phoebe poked at a bolt of satin and looked over at her sister. Trixie was holding a bolt of soft-looking pink fabric out at arm’s length, head tilted and lips twisted in thought. “But why did we have to come into Philly when JoAnn’s is only five minutes from home?”
               “That would be like you buying yarn at a craft store instead of Oh, Knit! or Woolbearers. This,” she said, petting the fabric before putting it back down and picking up and squinting at a nearly identical bolt, “is my Manos del Uruguay.”
The fact that her big sister could rattle off her favorite yarn stores and yarn brands made Phoebe feel a little guilty about her less than basic knowledge of all of Trixie’s fabric and sewing-related things. “Okay, I get it. So, tell me,” she picked up the most obnoxious acid-green bolt of something in a polyester Trixie wouldn’t touch in a million years and pretended to drape it around herself, “what are you planning for your latest masterpiece, oh couture genius?”
The pink fabric went onto Trixie’s pile of fabrics before she swooped over to a baby blue bolt and unwound about a yard to study the material. She held it up against her little sister’s arm, tilting her head and squinting a little bit. “I’m thinking a late fourties-like dirndl style dress with a white blouse and petticoat.”
“Uhm, don’t dirndls have, like, aprons and…” Phoebe uncomfortably gestured at her chest and made a upward gesture.
“No, a dirndl style like they had in the fourties and fifties. Basically a fitted bodice, blouse, and full skirt. No apron,” she added with a quirky grin. “And no oomph if you don’t want it. But I think it might make a really cute outfit for you to wear to the Beauty and Beast movie opening.”
“And for the fairy-tale inspired outfit portfolio you need to finish by next month?”
“Maybe for the casual wear section. Two birds, one bolt of fabric,” Trixie said with a wink, then handed her the bolt of blue material followed by a super soft white fabric. Tucking the pink bolt under her arm, she headed for the cutting table. “So, now that we’re set with three new outfits for you, let’s talk knitting labor. I’ve got three sweaters for you to make with your knitting magic for my winter collection runway project.”
“Three? Sewing hours do not equal knitting hours, you know.”
Trixie pointed at the blue fabric. “Belle dress.”
Phoebe puffed out her cheeks before letting out a puff of air and nodding reluctantly. “Fine, but you owe me.”
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